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VIDEOPROJECTOR – Caningam, Parties with Video Projector, Events with Video Projector, Weddings with Video Projector 

In the last few years flat-screen televisions have been changing the way we watch movies, videoclips and anything similar in our homes and in all public places. But for the nostalgic people like us at CANINGAM, the old VIDEOPROJECTORS preserve and will preserve forever that retro charm that new modern TV can never transmit. We will rotate the video clips that have made the history of ROCK music at any of your parties and in any style, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, or 90’s,  Maybe the charm of that era will never come back, but at least for a particular event of your life, a birthday, a wedding, a party, theme parties, we at Caningam could make you recall that beauty, let you breathe again what you can no longer find anywhere else. Access the PRODUCTS area to discover all our equipment that we can put at your disposal.Organize your events, your weddings, your parties with us at Caningam