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The origins of the Football table date back to the period between the first and Second World War, and the invention of the game is not attributed to a particular person. You will have to wait a few more years before the boom of the Football table hit almost the whole world, exactly when the American soldiers returned from the war and introduced the game overseas making it well popular.  Thus in the 1950s the first industrial production of the football table took place and the game became an icon of those years together with the Flipper. Maybe the charm of that era will never come back, but at least for a particular event of your life, a birthday, a wedding, a party, theme parties, we at Caningam could make you recall that beauty, let you breathe again what you can no longer find anywhere else. Access the PRODUCTS area to discover all our equipment that we can put at your disposal.Organize your events, your weddings, your parties with us at Caningam