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In the 1950s in the United States, in the bars and beautiful public places, the Flipper began to be very widespread.At first a bit rudimentary, but over the years began to be embellished with lights, sounds and other electrical and electromechanical mechanisms. The turning point came with the introduction of the pinball machines, a sort of plastic pallets operated by external buttons, through which it was possible to repel the marbles, and direct them to specific holes or targets. That turn transformed the Flipper from a game of luck to a game of skill, conquering the hearts of young people of that time up to the present days. But over the years, with the advent of video games and the disappearance of gaming rooms, the pinball machine also disappeared from everyday life, thus becoming an object for collectors and enthusiasts of rarity. Maybe the charm of that era will never come back, but at least for a particular event of your life, a birthday, a wedding, a party, theme parties, we at Caningam could make you recall that beauty, let you breathe again what you can no longer find anywhere else. Access the PRODUCTS area to discover all our equipment that we can put at your disposal.Organize your events, your weddings, your parties with us at Caningam.