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WEDDING SETTINGS – Caningam – Fittings for Vintage Events Retro 50s – 60s – 70s – 80s – 90s

Are you organizing your own event or do you work in the events planning industry?
Do you want to organize a particular event that is different from the usual and that stands out?
Are you a lover of Vintage philosophy?
Are you a fan of Retro?Are you a nostalgic of the 50s? of the 60s? of the 70s? of the 80s? or the 90s?

We have the experience and obviously the tools to set up your wedding in full vintage style, with all the objects that have made the history of the years gone by, but that in the minds of the fans have never been forgotten and never will be..
How to forget the Jukebox? the Flipper? the Bowling? The Football table? The vinyl?

Amaze the guests of your wedding by entrusting us with the most important event of your life.